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Beltane Gifts

Beltane May 1st

Unleash the joy of summer's bounty with decorations for Beltane, the vibrant pagan festival coinciding with May Day! Celebrate the peak of spring's beauty and the promise of long, warm days. Beltane, much like Brighid, the Celtic goddess of fertility and growth, embodies the flourishing spirit of the season. Adorn your home with vibrant decorations that echo the energy of this special time!


Rejuvenating Botanicals

Beltane bursts with life, and its botanical tapestry reflects that vibrancy. Bright spring flowers of all kinds are perfect for adorning your May altar or weaving into crowns. But Beltane's magic goes beyond mere beauty. Butcher's broom, with its evergreen resilience, symbolizes protection. Chamomile and lavender soothe the spirit, while coltsfoot and dandelion cleanse and revitalize. Damiana, associated with passion, ignites the fire of the season. Dandelion root, a symbol of abundance, and its sunny flowers speak to new beginnings. Dragon's blood, with its fiery energy, fuels transformation, while frankincense brings grounding wisdom. Jasmine's intoxicating fragrance whispers of love, and mugwort, a powerful herb, enhances intuition. Nettle leaf, a symbol of protection, and red clover blossoms, with their connection to fertility, round out this potent Beltane bounty. Let these botanical allies guide you as you celebrate the vibrant peak of spring.

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok

Essence of Spring

Fragrance Inspired by Beltane

As the Maypole ribbons unfurl and the days lengthen, celebrate the vibrant transition from spring's embrace to summer's warmth with fragrances that embody Beltane's essence. Floral notes like chamomile, jasmine, rose attar, and ylang ylang capture the burgeoning blooms of the season. Earthy base notes of frankincense, sandalwood, and rosewood evoke the awakening strength of the land, while calming lavender adds a touch of serenity amidst the joyous festivities. Let these captivating scents transport you to the heart of Beltane, a time of renewal and flourishing life.

Image by Nadiia Ganzhyi

Treat The Ones You Love

Gifts for the Taurean in Your Life

Unleash Your Inner Strength: Taurus Treasures Await

A collection designed to cultivate stability, sensuality, and unwavering determination for the Taurus in your life.  Indulge their love for luxury with soft, earthy textures and calming aromas. Discover pieces that inspire creativity and spark joy, reflecting their appreciation for the finer things in life. Taurus, this collection is a celebration of your grounded nature and unwavering spirit. Embrace your strength and pamper yourself – you deserve it!

Nature's Fountain of Youth

New Beginnings

Embrace the revitalising spirit of Beltane with a touch of ancient wisdom! On May 1st, greet the dawn with a refreshing facial wash using the morning dew – a tradition believed to promote youthful radiance. As you celebrate spring's peak, weave flower crowns for yourself and loved ones using online tutorials. Let your creativity bloom! Channel the joy of the season with a vibrant Maypole adorned with a flower crown and ribbons. Gather your friends and dance around it, weaving the ribbons together in a symbolic tapestry of connection.

Pink Petals


Afternoon Tea

Celebrate the peak of spring with a delightful Beltane afternoon tea! As Beltane traditions transformed towns and villages into joyous hubs of feasting and dancing, imagine your afternoon tea as a charming microcosm of these festivities. Decorate your windows with vibrant wild blossoms, mirroring the customs of the time. While grand bonfires roared on the last night of April, your tea spread can be a celebration of light and warmth. Embrace the topsy-turvy spirit of May Day by adding a playful touch – perhaps a whimsical teacup or a homemade flower crown for each guest. Channel the May Queen's symbolic purity with delicate floral arrangements and white tablecloths. As milkmaids danced for coins, invite your guests to participate in a friendly tea-themed game, with the winner crowned the "Queen of the Steeps" or the "Lord of the Lavendar." Let your Beltane afternoon tea be a delightful blend of tradition and merriment, a perfect way to honor the season's vibrant energy.

Butterfly Tea Cup and Vintage  Saucer, limited edition

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