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Summer Holidays

Summer Loving

Imagine: Sun-drenched days melting into balmy evenings, the air alive with the gentle hum of bumblebees and the sweet fragrance of blooming roses. Capture that idyllic summer feeling with our aromatherapy collection.

Indulge in pure botanical bliss:

Essential Oils: Uplift your mood with invigorating citrus scents like lemon and grapefruit, or unwind with the calming embrace of lavender and chamomile.

Botanical Teas & Flowers: Steep yourself in a cup of sunshine with soothing chamomile or fragrant rose petal tea.

Oil Burners: Transform your space into a fragrant oasis with a beautiful oil burner, crafting a calming atmosphere for relaxation.

Embrace Vintage Charm: Vintage bone china teapot, its delicate floral pattern catching the afternoon light, nestled beside a matching cup and saucer. Pour yourself a steaming cup of herbal tea, infused with the essence of summer.

Summer Sorcery

Botanical Elixirs

Do you yearn for a touch of enchantment? Harness the whispers of ancient wisdom and the restorative power of nature with our collection of botanical elixirs. These aren't just teas and herbs, they're bottled sunshine, imbued with the magic of summer.

Imagine: Sun-drenched meadows bursting with vibrant blooms, each whispering secrets of forgotten lore.

Restorative Teas: Chamomile soothes the weary traveler, while elderflower whispers of protection.

Magical Properties: These aren't mere concoctions; they're a bridge to a world of subtle power. Discover the restorative properties of lavender, or the blemish banisher of witch hazel. Let the magic unfold.

Forget the hustle and bustle of the mundane. These elixirs are an invitation to a sun-drenched sanctuary, where worries melt away and the restorative power of nature takes hold.  Unleash the inner sorceress within, brew a cup of sunshine, and embrace the magic of summer.

Loose leaf tea infuser

Scents of Enchantment

A Summer of Desire

Channel the divine allure of Aphrodite and awaken your inner Eros with our sensual aromatherapy collection. As the summer sun warms your skin, let these intoxicating scents transport you to a world of whispered desires and passionate encounters.

Enchant the Atmosphere:

Aphrodite's Embrace: Fill the air with the intoxicating blend of jasmine and ylang-ylang, a fragrance that whispered promises to the heart of the Greek goddess of love.

Eros's Arrow: Let the invigorating aroma of green mandarin and cedarwood set the mood for a playful and passionate rendezvous, reminiscent of Cupid's mischievous touch.

Summer Seduction: Enhance the natural allure of the season with the sizzling scent of patchouli and the calming touch of lavender, creating a perfectly balanced atmosphere for intimacy.

More than just fragrance, this is an invitation to ignite your senses and awaken the playful spirit of summer.Embrace the power of aromatherapy and rediscover the magic of connection.

Essential Oil bottle

Treat The Ones You Love

Gifts for Leo In Your Life

Ignite the Leo in Your Life

Searching for the perfect gift for a Leo? Look no further! Our curated collection is designed to celebrate their vibrant personality and unwavering spirit. From invigorating citrus-infused aromatherapy to the soothing embrace of botanical skincare, each product is a testament to their regal nature. Pamper them with the warmth of herbal teas or unleash their creativity with enchanting loose herbs and flowers. Discover extraordinary gifts that will make them roar with delight.

Summer Skin

Sun-Kissed  Skin

Summer's here, and the vibes are high! But all that sunshine can leave your skin feeling parched. Don't let a little dryness steal your summer lovin'!  

Imagine: Long, lazy days spent soaking up the rays, followed by starry nights filled with laughter and bonfires. Our products are designed to keep your skin feeling as fantastic as your summer adventures.​

Shea Butter Love: This summer essential delivers a deep dose of hydration, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and irresistibly kissable.

Face Cream Fun: Lightweight and non-greasy, our face creams provide lasting hydration without weighing you down. Perfect for keeping your skin feeling fresh on those hot summer days.

Let your beauty shine as bright as the summer sun. Our aromatherapy skincare is your ticket to healthy, glowing skin, all season long. 

Summer Dress


Afternoon Tea

Transport yourself to a bygone era with our collection of unique, vintage tea transfers adorning exquisite teapots, cups, and saucers. - Sunbeams dancing on a lace tablecloth, the delicate clink of china, and the intoxicating aroma of freshly brewed tea.

More than just teaware, these are conversation starters:

One-of-a-Kind Designs: Each piece features a captivating vintage transfer, a unique work of art waiting to be discovered.

A Touch of History: Hold a piece of the past in your hands and create new memories with every sip.

Afternoon Tea in Style: Transform your everyday tea ritual into an extraordinary experience, filled with vintage charm and a touch of sunshine.

Our collection isn't just about tea-ware, it's about setting the scene.

Unique Tea Ware

Let's Keep in Touch

Red and Blue Balloons

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