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Cedarwood & Black Seed Organic Beard Oil 30ml


Tame and maintain

Coat and condition

Soften and shine

This organic beard oil for men is a luxurious feeling oil, that tames and softens unruly facial hair. Only a drop is needed to glide across the face and coat beard hair with a nourishing sheen.
Conditions and hydrates for bristles and beard hair that are soft to touch. 100% natural featuring organic oils such as; Black Seed, Hemp, Argan, Pumpkin, and Castor. Packed with fortifying omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9, using daily helps maintain the health of skin, hair, and light scruff. Look and smell like a King with aromatic essential oils of Cedarwood, Petitgrain, Eucalyptus and Patchouli leaving a refreshingly woody scent with earthy undertones. 

Cedarwood & Black Seed Organic Beard Oil 30ml

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