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Clear Glycerin Soap 125g Citrus Woods & Sandalwood


Cutrus Woods, a light and fresh aroma. Sandalwood, a sweet, woody aroma

Highly moisturising, deeply cleansing

Hand made to an ancient Russian recipe

AA Skincare Red Rose Clear Glycerin Soap 125g bars in a clear wrapper to display the beautiful colours of these fine quality vegetable glycerin soaps. Hand-made vegetable soap manufactured to the highest standard using a process which has changed little over the last century. 

Originally made in Minsk, Russia in 1893. This clear glycerin soap is made using a blend of palm oil, coconut oil and castor oil. It is highly moisturising and provides deep cleansing due to its high glycerin content. The soap contains no animal by-products.

Vegan Friendly. 

Clear Glycerin Soap 125g Citrus Woods & Sandalwood

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