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Cleavers/  Clivers Herb Organic 25g Galium aparine syn.


Galium aparine syn. Aparine hispida, Aparine vulgaris, Asterophyllum aparine, Galium charoides.

Cleavers has long been used as a slimming aid, probably because of its diuretic properties. Worldwide, cleavers most common use has been as a cleansing herb for treating ailments from kidney and urinary disorders to infections and itching. It is excellent for skin conditions like eczema.


Especially good for using in binding Spells and all magical working to do with commitment and keeping relationships together. Add this dried plant to any Spells or sachets where a situation needs bringing together, a relationship that needs a bit of a helping hand or something needs commitment. Luckily with all this in mind, cleavers is also good for all workings for love!

Magical uses: Relationships, Commitment, Protection, Love, Tenacity and Binding.

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Saturn

Element: Fire




Packed in a brown eco friendly ziplock bag so your herbs stay fresh at all times!

Cleavers/ Clivers Herb Organic 25g Galium aparine syn.

  • Must be infused in boiling water prior to consuming.

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