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Deluxe Aluminium Sanitising Nasal Inhaler Aroma Diffuser


A blend of your favourite sanitising essential oils quite literally under your nose! Create your own sanitising bubble whilst you're out and about, the deluxe aluminium inhalers fit easily into a pocket or purse. Just simply remove the cap, bring the inhaler close to your nose and enjoy the sanitising blend of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon and Ravensara.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is widely used during winter weather to help to clear nasal passages. Loved for it’s antiseptic, stimulating, and clearing qualities.

Lemon Essential Oil is a lovely, refreshing and uplifting oil. Naturally cleansing, its antiseptic properties make it a popular oil.

Tea Tree has long been renowned for its amazing natural medicinal properties. Those qualities as well as its effectiveness against bacteria mean that Tea Tree has been known to be used in hospitals to help fight against various bacteria and viruses

Ravensara is a wonderfully versatile and powerful oil. It can make a great alternative to oils such as Tea Tree or Eucalyptus to use if suffering from cold or flu like symptoms.

These combined essential oils help bring a sanitising atmosphere any time, any place.

Length: 9.4cm
Diameter of aluminium shells: 1.9cm

*Please note these are handmade custom blends and there may be small variations in fragrance.
NB. This is a new addition to our range, product sent may be a different colour to the colour shown. It will still be deluxe aluminium

Deluxe Aluminium Sanitising Nasal Inhaler Aroma Diffuser

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