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 Hawthorn Organic Leaves & Flowers Herb 25gr, Crataegus monogyna


May, Mayblossom, Hagthorn, Mayflower, Ladies Meat, Bread and Cheese Tree & Quick Thorn.

Hawthorne leaves are an indispensable  addition to the shelves of your Botanical Apothecary

Hawthorn is a deeply magical tree and is one of the three trees at the heart of the Celtic Tree Alphabet, the Faery Triad, 'by Oak, Ash and Thorn'. Traditionally Beltane began when the Hawthorn, the May, blossomed. It is the tree of sexuality and fertility and is the classic flower to decorate a Maypole with. It was both worn and used to decorate the home at Beltane.

Traditionally consumed for a happy and healthy heart.


Worn or carried, the leaves promote happiness in the troubled, depressed, or sad, to bring some sunshine and happiness into your life. You can also use the leaves in loose incense but if you are using the Hawthorn wood in the incense there really is no need to use the leaves. As with any part of the Hawthorn tree, faeries are very attracted to Hawthorn, so you may spy one whilst burning an incense with Hawthorn in it!

Magical Use: Hawthorn leaves for protection, love, and marriage spells by using them in poppets, sachets, and witch bottles.

Deity: Goddess Grian


Packed in a brown eco friendly ziplock bag so your herbs stay fresh at all times!


Hawthorn Organic Leaves & Flowers Herb 25gr, Crataegus monogyna

  • Must be infused in boiling water prior to consuming.

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