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Anti-inflamatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic.

A lovely muscle & joint ease when diluted in a carrier oil for massage.

Immortelle Absolute is a useful oil in both aromatherapy and perfume making.

When diluted in a carrier oil for massage it makes a lovely muscle & joint ease, soothing painful areas and loosening stiffened joints.

It may also help with respiratory and digestive problems.

It has similar actions when burned or vaporised and it may also have a lovely relaxing and de-stressing effect.

When blended in a cream or lotion it may help slow the signs of ageing, help with dermatitis and acne and aid the healing of scars.

In perfumery Immortelle is used as a fixative and brings a rich, floral tea-like scent to the blend.

Immortelle Absolute Pure Essential Oil 5ml by Amphora Aromatics

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