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Japanese Chinese Ivory Paper Umbrella Art Deco Parasol  For Weddings


Add a Touch of Timeless Elegance with the Ivory Art Deco Parasol


Embrace timeless sophistication with the Ivory Art Deco Parasol! This exquisite piece, crafted from delicate paper and sturdy bamboo, transcends its role as a sunshade and becomes a versatile statement piece.


Unleash Your Creativity:


Wedding Décor: Imagine hanging these parasols upside down, creating unique floral arrangements or whimsical centerpieces. They add a touch of the orient to your wedding reception or party venue, at a budget-friendly price.

Bridal Party Accessory: Let your bridesmaids and flower girl walk down the aisle with a touch of vintage charm.Perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding, these parasols provide subtle shade and enhance your oriental theme without overpowering the overall design.

Dance & Photo Shoots: The Art Deco Parasol adds a touch of elegance to any dance performance or photo shoot.Its versatility allows you to capture stunning, unforgettable images.

More than just beautiful, this parasol is:


Lightweight & Easy to Hang: The paper and bamboo construction make it easy to handle and decorate with.

**Large & Functional: **At 84cm in diameter, it provides ample shade for sunny days.

Japanese Chinese Ivory Paper Umbrella Art Deco Parasol For Weddings

  • Not suitable for rain 

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