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Calming, anti-bacterial and rejuvenating.

Among the safest of essential oils to use, Lavender is a great stress reliever thanks to its calming and sedative properties.

Our Lavender Absolute essential oil comes from France and is extracted by the absolute process to yield a heavier oil containing many of the less volatile components of the Whole Oil.

The most versatile and useful oil, Lavender has an abundance of uses.

It relaxes and soothes the mind & body, and is number one for use in your first aid kit at home.

It can be used neat on wounds & burns but care should still be taken.
Lavender blends very happily with many other oils.

It can be used as an insect repellent, to scent linen and deter moths. A very soothing oil. For example, it neutralises insect bites and stings (bees, wasps and mosquitoes).

It is also good in cases of nettlerash.

Lavender Absolute 10ml (Lavandula angustifolia) by Amphora Aromatics

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