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Lime(Citrus aurantifolia) Organic Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Antiseptic, antiviral and astringent.

Lime is a sharpener of the mind, bringing clarity of though and focused concentration.

Citrus aurantifolia Oil is the volatile oil obtained by distillation from the fruits of the lime, citrus aurantifolia, Rutaceae.

Lime essential oil is a clear smelling oil which can help to lift the mood and alleviate depression.

It's also thought to be useful in the treatment of cellulite and as a skin toner thanks to its astringent properties. Add to one of our wide range of Carrier Oils to create an individual anti-cellulite massage treatment just for you.

A few drops of oil added to a bath dispersant (try  Bath or Shower Gel) will help uplift your spirits and energise so you are ready for the day or evening ahead.

A few drops of Lime Oil sniffed from a hanky can help with travel sickness and it can also be helpful with fever, infections, sore throat and colds when burned, vaporised or used in a steam inhalation.

Lime(Citrus aurantifolia) Organic Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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