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Californian Sage & Sunflower Smudge Stick


White Sage Smudge Stick With Sunflowers

, expertly bound with dried sunflowers and pure cotton string


Sunflower Magic: The Sun, Happiness, Abundance, Self Confidence, Luck, Fertility, Positive Vibes

. Powerful Solar Herb

. Said to increase psychic abilities and its element is Fire. 

Sabbats, Midsummer and Samhain

Gender: Masculine
Ruling planet : The Sun
Element: Fire

Smudging is the burning of sacred herbs for the purpose of cleansing and purification. Releasing Negative Energies and Invoking Optimism.

Smudging calls on the spirits of the sacred plants to drive away negative energies.

The smoke created by burning the herbs binds with any negative energies and carries them away as the smoke disperses you can smudge just about anything that needs cleansing.

If you move into a new home, it is nice to cleanse it of any residual energies from the previous tenants before perhaps blessing it to create harmony and peace.

Smudging is often performed to clear a sacred space before rituals, you can also smudge yourself to to cleanse and purify - especially if you have been weighed down with stress and worry.

Smudging is commonly used to cleanse crystals, before dedicating them for healing, and periodically to remove the energies they pick up from doing their work.

Californian Sage & Sunflower Smudge Stick - Sage Herb Incense Stick 4 inch

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