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Calming Deluxe Aluminium Travel Nasal Inhaler Aroma Diffuser


A blend of your favourite calming essential oils quite literally under your nose! Create your own calming bubble whilst you're out and about, the deluxe aluminium inhalers fit easily into a pocket or purse. Just simply remove the cap, bring the inhaler close to your nose and enjoy the calming blend of Frankincense, Lemon, Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang.

Frankincense is renowned as being a grounding, calming and relaxing oil which is great to burn any time you want to chill out. A great choice of oil to use whilst practising mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

Lemon is a purifying oil; its fresh and zesty aroma will help clear the mind and promote clarity of thought, whilst also clearing the air of bad odours!

Orange Essential Oil has been known to help to reduce nervous tension and stress and create a feeling of calmness and warmth.

Ylang Ylang is useful for application in stressful situations.

These combined essential oils help bring a calming atmosphere any time, any place.


Length: 9.4cm

Diameter of aluminium shells: 1.9cm

*Please note these are handmade custom blends and there may be small variations in fragrance.

NB. This is a new addition to our range, product sent may be a different colour to the colour shown. It will still be deluxe aluminium.

"Excellent service highly recommended"

Calming Deluxe Aluminium Travel Nasal Inhaler Aroma Diffuser

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