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Focus & Concentration Deluxe Travel Nasal Inhaler Aroma Diffuser.


A blend of your favourite focus, concentration and clarity essential oils quite literally under your nose! Create your own work or study focused bubble, even whilst you're out and about. The deluxe aluminium inhalers fit easily into a pocket or purse. Just simply remove the cap, bring the inhaler close to your nose and enjoy the focusing blend of Basil, Black Pepper and Rosemary.

Basil Essential Oil is often known to be a stimulating and energising oil which can help you to focus. It's well renowned for its ability to help refresh and focus the mind; try using in the car to help maintain concentration on a long journey or whilst studying to kick the brain into gear.

Black Pepper Essential Oil is a warming oil that has a stimulating effect on body and mind; If you have a task to do to (its a very powerful oil, so a little goes a long way).

Rosemary Essential Oil is a good all rounder. Studies have shown that it may help memory, relieve mental fatigue and lethargy. Its a very useful oil to smell during exams and is also great to alleviate that Monday morning feeling.

These combined essential oils help bring a focused atmosphere any time, any place.

Length: 9.4cm
Diameter of aluminium shells: 1.9cm

* With a mix of basil, black pepper amd rosemary they shouldn't be used in pregnancy.
**Please note these are handmade custom blends and there may be small variations in fragrance.
*** This is a new addition to our range, product sent may be a different colour to the colour shown. It will still be deluxe aluminium

We are based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Focus & Concentration Deluxe Travel Nasal Inhaler Aroma Diffuser.

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