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Helichrysum Organic 5ml Essential Oil


Native to the Mediterranean region, in particular Corsica

Carries anti-inflammatory benefits & rich in antioxidants

Popular in acne reduction formulations & sun care lotions

Carries strong skin regenerative properties

Not only a functional essential oil, but also a beautiful floral aroma

Helichrysum Oil is popular due to its anti-inflammatory & antioxidant benefits.
It is known to soothe irritated skin so popular amongst sun care formulations & acne fighting lotions. 

A sweet, floral scent, it not only is functional but adds a wonderful aroma to ones own formulations. Most importantly it is an essential oil that carries rare skin regenerative properties. 

100% Organic

Helichrysum Organic 5ml Essential Oil

  • Massages: add 2-3 drops of essential oils to 1 tablespoonful of carrier oil

    Vaporisation: add 2-4 drops of essential oils to a burner, aroma stone or aroma stream

    To diffuse in a traditional burner, simply fill dish with water and add a few drops of oil on top before lighting the candle. 

    For electrical fragrance diffusers, follow instructions given by the manual. 

    For massage: dilute in a carrier oil and gently massage over the skin. 

    Add a few drops to a handkerchief or inhale directly from the bottle if you are on the go. 

    Dilute in distilled water and pour into spray bottle for an all-natural room fragrance.

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