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Japanese Edo Glass Wind Chime Traditional Temple Blessing

Beautiful Handmade Japanese Edo Glass Wind Chimes in a variety of lovingly created designs. Perfect gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Graduation, the list is endless.


The wind chime spiritual meaning is rooted in ancient traditions. The gentle tinkle of wind chimes, resonating with the breeze, is thought to disperse negative energy while attracting positive vibes to your abode. They're not just symbols of luck and prosperity; they are harbingers of serene ambiance.

These traditional bells are delicately made from glass with paper attached.
Glass bells size: diameter 6-7cm; height 5-6 cm
Total length : 30 cm

NB *The Bookmark paper is random. It will bend due to packaging and can be flattened again.
*This product is handmade. Due to the inevitable error of size and specification, it should be considered carefully before placing an order.
*This product is made of glass. Please handle it with care!
*Occasionally unsmooth glass tube surface is a normal phenomenon, and it is not a quality problem to return or replace. It will not affect the normal use of the wind chime.

Japanese Edo Glass Wind Chime Traditional Temple Blessing

  • The Japanese summer can be humid and oppressive, but the soothing sounds of a softly chiming Furin (“wind bell”) have been used for centuries to help dispel the heat. These tiny bells are made of glass, metal, or ceramics, with a strip of paper tied to the ringing hammer.

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