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Relaxing, moisturising and sedative.

Great for mature and sensitive skin.

Rosa damascena Flower Oil is the volatile oil obtained by steam distillation from the flowers of the Damask Rose, Rosa damascena, Rosaceae.

Rose Otto Steam Distilled is technically an essential oil. This method of distillation preserves the integrity and aromatherapy properties of the oil.

Rose Otto is a lovely oil to add to a base cream or lotion to create a treatment for dry, sensitive and mature skin. It has moisturising and hydrating properties and can help with areas of redness and inflammation.

It also has good uplifting and relaxing properties making it suitable for use with a burner or vaporiser. It can help in times of grief, relieve stress, lessen the baby blues and soothe feelings of anger or depression.

Rose Otto (steam distilled) Pure Essential Oil 5ml (Rosa damascena) by Amphora

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